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There is a Chill in the Air....

I keep trying to snap a picture of the fox squirrel who keeps hiding nuts in all my flower pots but he is so darn quick.  At first I kept wondering why there was so much dirt on the deck and the sidewalk.  Then I saw the little culprit digging like a dog, nut in his mouth and dirt flying through the air.  He must also be feeling that chill in the air and stocking up for winter.  Poor little guy what he didn't know is that all of his stash will end up in my greenhouse for the winter.  I have left the door open a little in case he wants to rethink his hiding place.  

I got up really early this morning so I could finish a few pieces for my nearly bare Etsy store.  Here are a few pieces that I just got done this morning.  I'm feeling a little sleepy so I am debating... go eat some candy and keep on working or take a little nap and then get back to work.  My husband just turned on the fireplace and my dog MacIntosh is already yawning so I am thinking the nap is probably going to win out.  Hope Everyone is having a Great weekend!  Jodi

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