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New Tree clip on Ornaments from The Workshop

Meet the Puppies Tucker and Smooch. 

It seems like  have been having a Christmas in July Creativity spurt and as July comes to a close I think I better put away the Christmas stuff and start putting my focus back on Fall and Halloween.  So after this weekend You will start to see more items from the workshop that are more Trick or Trick than Ho Ho Ho!  I can't promise that I will stop shopping for Christmas treasures... I just scored the cutest Pine cone Santa and Elves and I am so addicted but I promise I will also me making and scouting for vintage Halloween as well.   Not a hard promise to keep I love Halloween with the warm rich colors and you can't beat the a Holiday that has Candy!

I recently found some vintage candle tree clips and was using them for my Spun Cotton mushrooms and they were working so well I got the idea I could use them to hold my wool creations to the tree.  The pine cone design alligator clip holds onto the branch really well and the base swivels and moves so the piece can be straightened once they are on the tree unlike those beautiful antique mercury glass birds that I can never get positioned just right on the tree branch!!!  These clips are perfect for those people like me who are afflicted with a mild case of OCD and are constantly straightening things on the tree.  I do an 1950's themed tree for my husband every year and he is crazy for bubble lights... I love the look but those clips drive me insane!  You straighten one and then it move the wire and the next one tips a bit and won't bubble.  I might just have to find more of these clips and fix those bubble lights once and for all!  Have a Great Weekend!   Jodi


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