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New Pieces from the Workshop

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Just a few wool Babies from the Workshop just listed on my Etsy Store.  It has been so cold here in Ohio that I have been spending all my evenings after work in the workshop.  It seems like I can't sleep more than 4 hours a night anymore so when I wake up in the middle of the night when the house is all quite I write down my ideas in the notebook on my nightstand.  Sometimes I look at it later and wonder where was I going with that idea...  but last night I was thinking about the spun cotton mushrooms I had made and thinking that little wool chicks and ducks would look really cute under a mushroom for spring.  So tonight I will finish up a bunny I started and see if I can get a few chicks done this weekend... I am excited to see if this idea is as cute as the image in my head.

Little Bean

Pink Silver and Green

Baxter Bunny a Red Mushroom

Baxter Bunny a Red Mushroom

Silver and Red

Celie and baby Bunny boo

Vintage lace dress with Yellow Gold, Green and silver accents

Baxter Bunny in Blue/Grey and Silver  accents

Baxter Bunny in Blue/Grey and Silver accents

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