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New from the Workshop - Santa & Reindeer

I have been wanting to make a clay & needle felted Santa since July.  I just got this one finished last night and wouldn't you know I dropped him on my wood floor and broke one of his little ears... Poor little guy had a rough start but a little glue and he will be just fine for my little collection of oopsies & misfits.  



I managed to get a little bit more decorating done but my last tree still needs some work and has a bit of a lean!  It is bad when I notice it & When my Husband comes home from NC he will notice it right off so I thought I better stop for now until he does his adjustments.  In past Christmas's We have lost a few ornaments in an effort to get the tree straight after I had already decorated the tree.  I guess I should have him do the leveling & adjusting before I decorate but I am always in a hurry and want to see the tree with some color on it.  I found this old yard display of Santa & his little reindeer on ebay in September and I was going to make an arrangement for my fireplace mantle but that was one of those things I just didn't get to this year so I thought I would stick it in my tree this year.    Hope everyone has A Wonderful Week!  Jodi

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