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Making Kittensfor Halloween

This week I have been thinking about what I can make for Halloween.   When I think halloween I sometimes have trouble thinking about anything other than the candy.  I buy candy as soon as it starts hitting the stores in September and eat my way right thru till Easter.  I love the Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Trees, Hearts and Eggs. Easter seems a long time ago and it has been a very long time since I had my chocolate peanut butter fix!  I don't just like eating the candy I also love to pass it out on Halloween. My husband and I sit outside and watch the kids running from house to house.  I think it  is so cute  when the older sibling has been instructed "make sure you hold your little borther/sister's hand."  Some take their duty seriously and others... well I bet as soon as they were out of their parents view the hand was dropped and the little one was on his own and had better keep up. I wanted to do something along those lines so I made these 2 small kittens and will be making 2 larger kittens to hold their hand for their Trick or Treat adventure.

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