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Looks like it is going to be a beautiful Fall Day in Ohio

It has been a crazy couple of weeks with not much sleep and not much being done in the workshop.  Pookie & Mookie kittens will be the last of my Halloween creations until next year.  I really need to start on my Christmas Creations but between work and play I haven't gotten much done.  Last week I traveled to North Carolina for work to meet with with my fellow employees at the Cofield Nucor site.  Nice to meet everyone in person, tour the jobsite and see the equipment that I have been buying parts for.  My dear husband drove me there because he knows I get nervous with all the traffic around DC and Williamsburg.  He really is a great guy he worked all day and then drove most of the night and then babysat our dog McIntosh all day while I was at the jobsite.  MacIntosh I am told is super hyper & very high maintenance when I am not around so it sounds like Dewey didn't even get to take a nap.  Cofield is a little less than  2 hours away from Swan Quarter so we decided to spend the weekend there & go the annual community yard sale.  People were up and about at 7AM shopping but we were so tired we didn't get out and about until 10:00 and probably missed out on some great stuff.  It was really warm beautiful day and we rode our bikes all over town and scored an old clock for $5.00.  It was a really great day too bad we had to pack up and head for home so soon. 

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