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In The Garden

What is growing in your Garden? 

I took a little stroll and I seem to have a little bit of everything weeds, flowers, moss, poison ivy and Virginia creeper.  At least I hope it is Virginia creeper... There is some saying like leaves of three leave it be but I am not sure what the saying is for leaves of 5!!!  I get poison ivy so I am not taking any chances and I am pretty sure that is poison ivy growing out of my boxwood!  The thing about these little sayings is you have to remember them correctly!  What about that rhyme about the coral snake.  In Ohio I pretty sure I don't have to worry but in North Carolina... maybe and trying to remember something under pressure well... I am not going to count on remembering if Red touches Black a friend to Jack but if Red touches Yellow will kill a fellow.  Let me say this if I see striped yellow, black and red snake I am not going to try to remember what touches what and just get out of the way and leave it be!  I love the rock with the moss and a few blades of grass in the creek.  It could be turned into a little fairy garden by the sea.   If it doesn't rain hard over the next few days and the water strip the moss I might just have to get into the creek and setup a little photo shoot!  Hope everyone has a Great Week!  Jodi

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