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Happy Holidays From Our House to Yours!

Happy Holidays from The Dean's at Swan Quarter House Creations!

I had been waiting for the sun to come out so I could snap a few pictures but living in Ohio with the clouds coming off the lakes we don't have too many clear sunny days in the winter.  I have been waiting for a week and no sun... So please excuse the poor exposure in my picture taking.  You really shouldn't get a glare from the blowmolds in the middle of the day!  This is Dewey's first Christmas since his retirement and he went all out with the outside decorations.  I bet you would never guess he loves vintage blowmolds!  I always knew what to buy him for Christmas but this year he may be disappointed because I couldn't find any that he didn't already have so he is getting another vintage item.  It may spark a whole new collection.  I laugh because we have so much stuff that the space under our garage is completely bursting with my Christmas hoard.  I only put out about half of our treasures.  I did include a picture of that to remind us that we might have a problem!  Merry Christmas! Jodi

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