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Collecting Collecting Collecting

I have often pondered the question probably because I have a lot of stuff... When does collecting turn the corner and become Hoarding??!!  My personal take and/or justification on the question is as long as everything has a home when it is displayed and when the season ends I have a place to store it then it is Collecting.  Just one of the many things I collect are vintage wedding cake toppers and have tried to limit myself from becoming a hoarder by just collecting cake topper representations for each decade.  I have to admit I am really into the crepe paper sets and have just added these to my collection/hoard.  I also just finished up my very own Walking in a Winter Wonderland Macintosh.  I do have what could be classified as a Hoard of wool Macintosh's but I am always trying to capture his cuteness and personality for every season! Thanks for looking and feel free to Share your finds too by email.  I love to see what others are collecting!   [email protected]  Have a Great Week!  Jodi 

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