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Can You Believe the Holidays are Here??

I had some vacation time from my day job and we took a little trip to Swan Quarter just before Thanksgiving. It was so cold in Ohio but we enjoyed some warm weather and took in some sites in New Bern.  We came home last Sunday and after a day of sleeping it has been a flurry of decorating and felting creations.  I have much more decorating to do but I did manage to get a few more items done for my Esty store.  I am really happy with Greyson the deer and will be making another.  As many of my customers know when I make something new I secretly hope it doesn't sell...  I use to keep #1 of everything I made but I have run out of space.  This year my theme for my dining room is deer and he would fit in nicely in my white, silver, pink and turquoise color scheme for my dining room this year...  I will take a few pictures once I get further along in my decorating.  

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