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A Productive evening in the Workshop!

Thank goodness for my workshop in the evenings as it keeps me sane.  I am a Buyer in my day job which sounds like it should be fun but I think I might be the wrong type of business to be a Buyer.  My very non-glamorous job entails getting parts for heavy equipment and supplies to keep things running in a Steel Mill.  Every day is pretty much the same, something breaks, parts are needed immediately and the most creative thing I do is find the best price and then get them delivered to the jobsite ASAP.  While my days aren't fun it all melts away when I grab some wool and my felting needle.  The action of poking a needle into wool about a million times to create a deer, Santa or bunny is a real stress reliever.  So all that being said here is the product of a day full of stress...

Hope everyone has a Great weekend!  Jodi

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